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 Super Mario War

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PostSubject: Super Mario War   Tue Jul 08, 2008 4:59 pm

Okay, so I'm really only focusing on one comic right now:

Super Mario War, is my second webcomic I've ever made, and I made the first issue back in 2004, but didn't know about comic hosting sites at the time. On Smaskjeeves it has 22 fans and it keeps on growing each issue. It also exsists on Drunk Duck and it's fanbase is growing as well. It started off as a pretty sh#tty comic. But I like to think that I've been learning more and more each issue about photoshop, and I hope the issues show it. It updates every single day, and is my main comic. I might even try to update it twice a day if possible.
Plot Synophisis:
Long ago there was monarch that consisted of 1 Prince, and 1 Princess. They ruled the universe and 40 kingdoms, fairly, and equally. There only weapon were the 40 Golden Stars. One day, a mysterious figure rose up from the ashes of a distant planet, and assembled an army of bloody thirsty killers. When they atacked the 40 kingdoms, The Princess Held them off long enough with the Golden stars. But when the golden stars power was not enough, they all shattered simultaneously, and each star was shattered into 5 shards, and each pair of 5 shards scattered evenly amongst the 40 Kingdoms. When the stars shattered, the princess mysteriously disappeared. The Prince weeks later disappeared as well. They left the 40 Kingdoms abandoned with no government. Years later new, and just as fair anarchies rose out of the 40 kingdoms, ie: Mushroom Kingdom, Sarassaland, and other kingdoms in other galaxies, did just as well. But when the evil race known as the antis return, and the whole universe breaks out into an all out war, it up to the 5 heroes, chosen by the prophesy, A Red suited, affable, brave plumber, his brother, a good hearted, man, their sons, two heroes in training, and a mysterious toad, who knows a lot about the legend, to collect the 90 shards, and reunite the 40 Golden Stars and Stop the evil for one final time. (PANT PANT PANT...)
Cameos allowed.

Comic 1*
Comic 2*
Comic 3*
Comic 4*
Comic 5
Comic 6
Comic 7*
Comic 8
Comic 9
Comic 10
Comic 11
Comic 12
Comic 13*Way to huge*
Comic 14*Very Happy*
Comic 15
Comic 16
Comic 17
Comic 18
Comic 19
World 1: Shyguy Kingdom (Subcon) Cover

Latest Comic:

*= Badly done. Maybe it's crappy visually, maybe it's just plain, or maybe it's too big.
*Very Happy*= The part where I like to say my, comics started to really look good

Note: In other news, I think i'm going to be try to be more active in the forum. Just start a few new threads and what not.
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PostSubject: Re: Super Mario War   Mon Sep 22, 2008 11:26 am

The first thing I noticed was that Your comic
is far to big.

This topic is very old.

Locked! and sent to Garbage!

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Super Mario War
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