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PostSubject: THE RULES OF INTRODUCTION!   Sat Jan 26, 2008 12:12 pm

cheers All hail the Introduction forum!

Well, Here is the place that, if your new you can introduce yourself
and get to know people before you have even posted on the
Actural forums.

As always there are rules that MUST be followed in this catagory.
They are the following:study

1. Always greet new members.
2. Dont be cruel to them.
3. If they greet you, its polite to greet them also.
4. DONT spam on this topic!
5. Staff and mods, dont treat them like a pile of garbage.
6. If they need any help with anything, help them.
7. To people who are joining, Dont be mean, dont take the mikey out of the forum,
and follow all the rules that are sent in the rules section also.
8. That goes for you to, Admins, staff etc.

All in all I hope this place can be a nice place to introduce yourself and make friends Razz
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