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 A sprite request. - Can this be moved to sprite archive?

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PostSubject: A sprite request. - Can this be moved to sprite archive?   Sun Feb 03, 2008 9:23 am

I noticed now that I can post requests in the sprite archive, could someone post this there?

First of all, am I allowed to post requests here? If so, then please read on.

I want a sonic styled sprite. But I want it to be original. Could somebody make me a sonic styled sprite with (most of) the following requirements:

- Make it like a reindeer that walks on two legs. Sort-off like Chopper from One Piece (the guy in my sig and avy).
- Don't give it a hat, or a backpack. But for the rest like Chopper. Also blue eyes if possible.
- Make it have a staff to attack with. A blue one if possible.

I also would love the following poses: ( Exclamation a must have, Idea Would love it very much if possible)
- Standing ( Exclamation )
- Walking ( Exclamation )
- Standing with staff ( Exclamation )
- Walking with staff ( Exclamation )
- Fighting with staff ( Idea )
- Pixelart ( Idea )

Thanks to whoever wants to make it. If you want I can make a signature or an avatar in return.
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A sprite request. - Can this be moved to sprite archive?
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